about us.

MSBVR is a fashion agency that was founded by Chris Lapperre and Bas van den Broecke in 1997. After 15 years of representing various fashion labels as agents, in 2012 MSBVR expanded its activities to fulldistribution. Our brand portfolio is both sold internally and externally. Internally by sales agents from our own showroom and externally through sales agents from their own showrooms. The brands in our portfolio are characterized by their good price-quality ratio combined with a completely unique style.

“Fashion fades, style is eternal”


our purpose.


“Unburdening both national and international fashion brands in the middle-high to high segment in the areas of finance, distribution, and sales to retail stores within the Netherlands and across borders.”


“Having perfected our unburdening promise in the areas of finance, distribution, and sales to retail stores, while having made our services accessible to a strong portfolio of both international and national fashion brands.”


our values.

Creating synergy together with our partners:

• Hands-on mentality.
• Mitigating risk of our partners.
• Providing our service with the highest quality.
• Trustworthy in the way we do business.
• Transparent to our stakeholders.